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Interim Management

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Enforcing Changes

Before optimizing processes and procedures, you should verify whether the organization of the enterprise has developed an appropriate change management. It is not sufficient to set new processes and to describe them in the hope that the involved people will already have carried them out.

It is essential to win the executives and employees, to take these processes and to act according to the instructions. However, if they start offering information, events and training only in the course of the implementation of new or modified processes, then often the project will have already failed.

ReuterING knows the methods of change management and will not only go along the right path with you, but also get the results with the right measures to make your project of changes in the enterprise successful

change management

Do you like to know whether the manager and employees know the new or modified processes, understand them, identify with them and apply them?

Do you know the resources and opportunities to rehearse new or changed processes? Would you like to know how you ensure that managers and employees also really accept them?

Do you use a task executive management, which ensure that the necessary tasks are carried out to implement the change?

Together with you, ReuterING will build a management of change, which will leads your company to success! 

Call ReuterING or write an e-mail, if you wish to start now with ReuterING optimizing the change management in the company or starting a change project! 
„Only make changes in company if the executives and the employees (alike) believe that they will be useful.“
Dr. W. Reuter

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