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Controlling risks and crises

A focus
of ReuterING is advising companies of mechanical and plant engineering to avoid and control technical risks. This includes the support in coping with crises and to overcome crises which were triggered by major damage of the product.

The procedures in dealing with hazards, risks, crises and damages in machine and plant construction companies can be divided into three sections:

risks and crises

Risk analysis should be performed in all areas of life and sectors of the economy. This is important for the assessment of current and future situations. In risk assessment the risks of situations and projects are identified and quantified to rate them with their probability of occurrence and their loss potential.

The risk management uses results of the risk analysis to decide how to deal with the risks. The essential steps are to identify the causes of risks to meet them optimally, and to select and to implement appropriate measures in order to reduce the risks.
Crisis management is attempting to limit crises and incurred damage caused by undetected or underestimated risks. As crises occur usually unprepared, an organization needs to establish timely appropriate processes with process descriptions and operating instructions as well as to designate responsible persons to act quickly and effectively in times of crisis.

ReuterING has the methods and knows the procedures to build a risk management for your company or to manage crises.

Dr. Wolfgang Reuter
of ReuterING is a member of the working team at the Fraunhofer IPT in the research project Q-risk - monetary quantification of risks in product sourcing. There he assists with the developing of a concept for the quantification of procurement risks to protect the procurement process. Here you find more about it.

Call ReuterING or write an e-mail, if you wish to start now optimizing your risk management in your company with ReuterING !

„With the experiences and perception gained from the crisis management we can improve risk analysis of machinery and equipment as well as the risk management of the company.“
Dr. W. Reuter

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