The origins lie in
the blacksmith trade
more than 100 years ago.

Dr. Wolfgang Reuter's great-grandfather proudly shows a forged grid from his smithy
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Interim Management

About ReuterING
Dr. W. Reuter
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About ReuterING

Dr. Wolfgang Reuter

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Karl Reuter comes from a family of craftsmen and engineers who work successfully for many generations as blacksmiths, plumbers, miners and electricians.

Dr. Wolfgang Karl Reuter studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, and achieved his doctorate in the faculty of mechanical engineering with the themes which are applied today with the now available IT resources under the terms of 'Virtual Product Development' and 'Product Data Management'.

More than 25 years he worked for German companies with an international orientation of machine and plant construction. He worked in managerial positions of production, logistics, distribution and quality management. 

Since more than ten years he offers this knowledge to innovative companies by the company ReuterING to optimize their processes and products in order to strengthen their business locations in Germany and Europe. It is important for him to help lead the companies to introduce targets and to stabilize successfully change processes (change management).

A particular focus of ReuterING in recent years has been the rapid support of projects and processes in the areas of production, development and research that suffered from delays or did not deliver the desired results and already led to a crisis with unpleasant consequences for the company. These projects and processes could be completed quickly and successfully with the help of ReuterING.


ReuterING considers each enterprise as an individual, unique system, which is determined by the relationships between the different elements of the system, such as products, customers, suppliers, people, systems, etc.

ReuterING puts its clients with their properties, relationships and values in the centre of its considerations.

ReuterING attaches great importance to involving the employees and managers in enterprises and organizations in the process design and system configuration, as well as supporting them through training, so that they themselves can pursue the changes to a further optimization.

Line of action

ReuterING analyzes the processes of the existing company and evaluates their IT resources according to the individual needs and benefits for the corporate goals.

ReuterING develops procedures and rules for optimization together with the users and actively supports the introduction or adaptation of these processes.

ReuterING offers this advice with subsequent implementation on the basis of the existing IT tools in the enterprise. If they are not suitable or the appropriate software is missing, ReuterING lists independent optimum IT solutions for these processes.

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"My passion is to take responsibility for the optimization of processes and products." 
Dr. W. Reuter
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